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Video surveillance is an important part of the security of each activity. We are offering  solutions for continuous monitoring, control and archiving of the events on any business. The video surveillance systems that we are offering are:

  • Analog CCTV, which includes analog video cameras connected to DVR devices. The system allows recording in real time, monitoring, search, playback and remote viewing records over the Internet.
  • TVI HD-CCTV, allowing the transmission of video signals with high resolution (720p/1080p) with a standard coaxial cable at distances up to 500 m. HD-TVI systems using traditional connection with coaxial cable and BNC connectors between the camera and DVR device that makes it possible to use already existing lines.
  • IP CCTV, which is preferred by most of our customers, as the most modern and flexible technology that has serious advantages such as excellent image quality and integration with other equipment such as computers and NVR devices

In addition, we are offering access control systems, which can be used for:

  • Identification, control and restrict access to certain areas within the defined time intervals
  • Administrative control of working time, attendance and tardiness of the employees
  • Accurate statistics for the presences of any employee
  • Archive of recorded events and reports for past periods
  • Unlimited number of users and control points